Rinko Serlier, dutch composer & producer. Various genres like Reggae, Piano / classical, Electronic

About me

I'm a dutch composer and songwriter, working with piano, guitar and electronic instruments. I love mixing classical elements like piano, violin, guitar with a modern beat. The music I create is always about emotion or a certain mood, as it is a way of expressing what I feel. I hope I can achieve the same for my listeners! 


Born: Oct 4th 1985 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Currently living with my 2 cats in Groesbeek near Nijmegen, Netherlands. 


Find my music catalogue here or check out my Press Kit for a nice overview of my work. 


Musical influences

My musical taste and my own work are rather various: Reggae & Dub, EDM and Classical music are the genres I'm working in. They might seem all very different from each other, but the way I see it is that classical music is the base of all music. Later, reggae and DUB became an more mainstream music stream for a long time and still is. In the contemporary dance music, there’re often influences of reggae. Remixing for example is something that started by reggae music. 

Now, remixes are common, especially in dance music. 


'Music has more power than words' 

Creating beautiful and simple melodies is the base for composing music. I try to let the notes tell their story. For me, a beautiful melody is the opening for your emotions and feelings. It can be very touching and intense if it hits you at the right spot. Songs like Bliss and Voor Sofie are one of my most emotional works. 


I record and produce every track myself using a (Yamaha) piano, guitar and electronic instruments.




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CONTACT               contact@rinkomusic.com                    +31618069365  (Netherlands)